Adam Liew haute couture is the epitome of well-tailored,
perfectly fitting garments

At Adam Liew, we embrace the art of crafting clothing in all shapes and sizes.
We aspire to deliver a portfolio of elegant apparel that make women
look good almost effortlessly. Just like a canvas, we (you and us) will
paint the picture together.

Making an outfit is not about stitching up pieces of cloth according
to a design. We want to know you. So that we can customise a fit
not just for your shape, but also your lifestyle. That’s why we always
start with a cup of coffee and a chat. Working with you from the design
stage all the way to execution will make the whole experience all the
more invaluable.

Our haute couture services include wedding gowns, cocktail dresses,
ball gowns and corporate attire; as well as a bespoke range of your own
personal collection covering corporate attire and ready-to-wear.

The first meeting: All about you
1. We will chat about your lifestyle, favourite colours and fashion preferences.
2. We will look at body shape, as well as skin, hair and eye colour, to justify the design direction.
3. We will take photos of you from 3 angles.
4. We will take your measurements so that we can create a toile, which is basically a test garment that exactly reflects your unique shape. This is at the heart of all Adam Liew haute couture––the meticulous precision that makes us different. (What is a toile?)

The 2nd meeting: Presentation & selection
1. We will show you some fashion design sketches and appropriate fabric swatches.
2. Together we will decide on the designs and fabrics.
3. We will return to our studio and create a toile. Why is a toile crucial? Two words: Shape and Drape. It ensures the accuracy of the pattern-making that follows, so that there is no compromise on the fit.

The 3rd meeting: Completion
1. When your garments are ready, you do not need to come for a fitting. Based on the first two meetings with you, we would have gathered all the information we need to master your fit. We are confident that your clothes will fit you like a glove. However, if you wish to have a fitting, you are more than welcome.

We will also have your measurements and toile saved electronically. Even you are out of the country, if you need any garments, just send us an email and we will have your design sewn up and ready to send to you – perfectly made according to your size.

We will re-measure you every six months to ensure the accuracy of your measurements. If you see anything you like in our newly launched collection, we can make it to your size and you would not even have to personally come to us.

Want some perfection?
Strictly by appointment only, so contact us now at [email protected]

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